The Love Story

The Love Story is the most customized event that can take place at your wedding reception. It is “your” story.  How did you get to this day? The information is collected through interviews with you, your new spouse and those who are closest to you. That information is then used to write The Love Story which is then performed at your reception. You would be amazed at the information that comes out in the Love Story. Things that even the bride or groom did not know. The Love Story let’s your guests become a part of your journey of love, providing oohs, aahs and laughter along the way.

Kids Dance Set

If you have a lot of children 4-10 years of age at your wedding dance, a kids set is a great way to entertain them. The Kids set is tailored to appeal to younger children. We do the kids set before we begin the regular dance. It is approximately 25 minutes long and is very interactive.

Wedding Ceremony Sound

If your ceremony is at a unique venue, how does everyone hear what is being said at your wedding ceremony? We can provide sound support.

We provide a sound system with:

  • Background music for a half-hour before the ceremony
  • Wireless mics for the officiant and readers
  • Processional & recessional
  • Music during the ceremony

Dear Chuck,
Thank you so much for making Jessica & Luke’s wedding reception and dance so wonderful. As far as we are concerned, everything was perfect. We were so blessed to have you there. You can be sure we will tell everyone because we think that’s your calling.”
-Linda & Randy, Luke & Jessica